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Alumni of Distinction
Lori Currier Woods '79

Lori Currier Woods

Lori Currier-Woods received her Bachelor of Science Degree from SUNY Oneonta in 1979. She went on to earn her Juris Doctorate Degree from Southwestern University School of Law in 1982. Thereafter she worked as a private practice attorney in Los Angeles, California and also served in the District Attorney’s Offices in Los Angeles, California and Orange County, New York. Lori went on to work in private practice in New York and later served as an Attorney for the Child at the Children’s Rights Society, Inc. She has also served as Councilperson to the Town of Monroe, New York and as an attorney/consultant/trainer for the Children’s Rights Society, Inc. Lori is now a Family Court Judge in Orange County in the Ninth Judicial District of New York. She was first elected in 2005 and began her first term in 2006. She was reelected to a second term in 2015 and began serving her second term in 2016. She has also served as an Acting Supreme Court Justice since 2008 and presides over the Integrated Domestic Violence part of the Orange County Supreme Court. In addition to her service to the community from the bench, Lori is also the Lead Judge for the Orange County Child Welfare Court Improvement Project in New York State. Lori has always been active in civic activities and is currently a member of the YMCA Board of Directors in Middletown, New York. Lori credits her time at SUNY Oneonta for preparing her for the pursuit of an advanced degree and a successful career. She is greatly honored and humbled to receive the Alumni of Distinction Award and extends her heartfelt congratulations to all of the individuals being honored.

Thursday, May 6, 2021 9:44:00 AM