Patrick Brown HeadshotDr. Alyssa Dana Adomaitis '94 is full-time, tenured Associate faculty and Director of The Business and Technology of Fashion degree program. Previously, she was faculty in the Fashion Merchandising program in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at Texas State University San Marcos and California State Polytechnic University Pomona. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2002 from the University of Minnesota on full-scholarship in Social Psychology of Dress and Human Behavior and obtained her MBA in Marketing from Long Island University/C.W. Post in Marketing in 1997.

Her research area of interest is in the social psychology of dress, consumer persuasion used marketing, and semeiotics. She investigates people’s perception of dress, self -impressions, sexual objectification, along with advertisings’ impact on consumers’ behavior. Her latest publications are inclusive of sexual objectification including state and self-objectification, and lookism, the term inclusive of beauty prejudice. Her most recent manuscript submissions included topics of Postpartum Identity Management, Social Media and Body Dissatisfaction, and a review of literature on Sexual-objectification.

She has been employed with several different companies in the fashion industry holding positions that include a visual merchandiser at Saks Fifth Avenue New York, a trend analyst at The Fashion Service (TFS) and as well as a personal assistant to the CEO of Sun Country Airlines. She has also been a consultant to Fashion Business Inc., and Le Mystere.