Jay Davidson HeadshotSince graduating in 1969, Jay Davidson has returned to campus for five reunion weekends, two casual visits, and to be the keynote speaker at the Scholarship Dinner in 2015. He has met with every campus President who succeeded Dr. Netzer.

In 2011, he established the Margaret Baughman Scholarship as a means of memorializing the associate dean of students at SUNY Oneonta with whom he worked when he was a member of the Friendship Committee, the organization that was charged with running freshman orientation and offering campus tours to visitors. Jay has been an active volunteer for the Alumni Association participating in Distinguished Alumni lecture series visits and by representing his class for Alumni Weekend festivities.

Jay trained at SUNY Oneonta to be a teacher, which he did for 34 years in San Francisco public schools. He received his Master’s in Elementary Education from San Francisco State University.

Upon his retirement from teaching in 2003, he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, where he taught teacher trainees, was part of a team that wrote an English textbook, and he wrote the cultural manual used to orient incoming Peace Corps Mauritania Trainees.

Since his Peace Corps experience, he has volunteered with other organizations as a teacher trainer in India, Ghana, and South Africa.

Jay describes himself as having arrived as a freshman in 1965 with the determination to overcome shyness and social anxiety. He credits the campus as providing a nurturing and encouraging environment in which he began to develop both his public speaking and his leadership skills. He continues to draw upon those skills, with fond recollection of Oneonta days.