Jay Jacobs HeadshotJay Jacobs cares about America's campers. He has proved that as Executive Director of The TLC Family of Camps, an organization that includes three sleep-away camps, four day camps on Long Island, and a preschool. Jacobs, who was recently appointed to be a member of the N.Y. Governor's Council on Camp Health and Safety, also created the Timber Lake Foundation, which now donates approximately $800,000 annually so children can attend a number of not-for-profit camps and various child-related programs. Before that, he founded the American Camping Association's (ACA) SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education), for which he has served for 22 years as Chairman. During the summers, Jay and his wife, Mindy, both live and work full time at one of Jay's camps, Timber Lake, in upstate New York. Jacobs received his Bachelor's degree from SUNY Oneonta.