About Us

Alumni Association Board Committees

Executive Committee:

Establishes the agendas for Board meetings and retreats; monitors the strategic plan; makes decisions for the Board if a situation arises where it is not practical to pull the entire Board together. This Committee includes all Officers and no more than two (2) at-large members. The chair of the Executive Committee is the President.

Finance Committee:

Provides direction for the entire Board for fiscal responsibility; regularly review the organization's revenues and expenditures, balance sheets, and investments; approves the annual budget; and submit the annual budget to the full Board for approval. The chair of the Finance Committee is the Treasurer.

Audit Committee:

The Audit Committee will be composed solely of independent Directors in order to assure the independence of the Association’s financial auditors. The Audit Subcommittee shall review the Association’s critical accounting policies and decisions, the adequacy of the Association’s internal control systems, and shall oversee the accuracy of the Association’s financial statements and reports. The Audit Committee will be empowered by the Board to choose the auditors.

Awards and Scholarship Committee:

Reviews the materials submitted for each nominee and selects those persons whose achievements most closely fit the category for which they have been nominated and who are deemed most deserving of the recognition. The names of those selected by a vote of general consensus are then shared with the Board of Directors. The Committee also selects 9/11 Memorial Scholarship recipients annually; and, engages scholarship recipients in alumni activities.

Affinity Programs and Alumni Weekend Committee:

The Committee in conjunction with the Office of Alumni Engagement to ensure a successful Alumni Weekend as well as affinity group programs and that involve students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the entire SUNY Oneonta community. The committee is charged to think creatively and strategically about the marketing, promotion and volunteer structures to expand and enrich these programs.

Board Leadership and Governance Committee:

Identifies, interviews, and recommends prospective new Board members to the Board of Directors; clarifies expectations for all Board members; periodically assesses Board member performance; recommends a slate of officers to the Board of Directors; and coordinates orientation of new Board members. The Committee also reviews the by-laws and all other Association policies; defines what constitutes possible conflicts of interest; establishes procedures to deal with real or possible conflicts and annually discloses any such possible conflicts for Board members and officers. The co-chairs of the Committee on Board Leadership are the Secretary and an officer or Board member appointed by the President.

Recent Alumni, Student, Marketing, and Benefits Committee:

Creates programs that foster the next generation of volunteers and seeks to connect alumni to students. Coordinates with Board members to recruit recent graduates for volunteer leadership opportunities. Seeks to enhance the awareness among students and recent graduates of their lifelong connection to SUNY Oneonta and the role of the Alumni Association. Monitors and makes recommendations on communications (including the use of new technologies) between the Alumni Association and its alumni, and assesses the benefits and services available to all alumni.

Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed as needed, by the President. Staff liasons will be assigned to each committee.