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SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association Board of Directors

Are you, or do you know, an alumna/us who wants to be more involved in your Alumni Association? Nominate yourself or someone else to become a member of the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association Board of Directors.

The SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association’s mission is to connect, engage, support, and celebrate the graduates of SUNY Oneonta and cultivate pride in SUNY Oneonta. Our vision is to build a premier Alumni Association that sustains lifelong relationship with alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends that supports the success of SUNY Oneonta.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is composed of up to 30 members representing various class years, majors, backgrounds, professions, geographic areas and residing throughout the United States. Alumni Association Board members are elected to a three-year term and may be re-elected to an optional second three-year term.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors meets quarterly, in October, January, April, and June. Meeting attendance and participation in associated on-campus activities is expected to be a priority. You are responsible for making your own travel plans and arrangements, and for payment of such expenses. Limited on-campus accommodations are provided through the Office of Alumni Engagement. Expenses may be deductible on your income taxes (see your tax advisor for details).

Each Board member is asked to serve on at least one committee of the Board. Since Board representation is throughout the state and nationwide, committees stay in touch via email and hold monthly meetings via Zoom Meetings.

All Members-At-Large are asked to contribute a financial gift to the Fund for Oneonta on a regular yearly basis. All Alumni Board members contribute at a level appropriate to their capability as donors. The Board strives for 100% donor history each year. (Giving is based on a fiscal year: July 1-June 30).

To submit a nomination to the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association Board of Directors you must complete the following form. To begin click "Start."

Alumni Association Board Nomination


Your Information
Nominee Information
Please provide us with information about the person you are nominating. If you are self-nominating please skip to the next section, "Employment Information."
Employment Information
(If you are retired please fill in the name of the last company you worked for and your last job title held there.)
Nominating Statement
Please complete a personal statement that includes the following information: -Why are you interested in serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, or why do you feel your nominee is interested in serving? -Describe any prior activities that your nominee (or yourself if self-nominating) have participated in at SUNY Oneonta or support your nominee (or yourself if self-nominating) have provided to the College. -Describe any volunteer experiences that support your nomination. -Any other information that you think is relevant to your nomination. (It is recommended that you prepare your statement in a word processing program and copy/paste it here so that your browser does not time out.)