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SUNY Oneonta Division of College Advancement
Alumni Association Confidentiality Policy

The Division of College Advancement acquires information about SUNY Oneonta alumni, students, parents, corporations, faculty and staff, foundations and friends that may be confidential and/or highly sensitive. The Division of College Advancement staff, other professional staff, Board members, faculty, student employees, and volunteers who are authorized recipients of confidential and/or sensitive information are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of this information.

The College Advancement database exists for the purpose of promoting the College, building and sustaining relationships and securing charitable gift and grant support. Using or sharing information, mailing lists and/or biographic information for private, commercial or political purposes, for the purpose of creating an independent database or for a purpose other than that which is approved by College Advancement is strictly prohibited and will be considered a misappropriation of College property.

This confidentiality policy will be attached to any constituent information that is shared with authorized recipients. Constituent information and other confidential items received by authorized recipients must be properly disposed of by shredding or deleting from a computer after it is used for its intended purpose.

Confidentiality Policy

  1. This policy details specific information that is considered confidential and/or sensitive. However, we will respect the privacy of all constituents with whom we come in contact.
  2. College Advancement may provide basic constituent biographic information to employees of SUNY Oneonta and/or volunteers engaged in alumni and/or development activities that are coordinated by College Advancement.
  3. Detailed constituent information will only be shared with employees and/or volunteers who are engaged in a high level of relationship building and/or development activity that is coordinated and monitored by College Advancement.
  4. General donor gift information such as giving levels published in the Annual Report of Donors is considered public information. However, gift or pledge information that includes specific dollar amounts, funding vehicles and/or other personal details are not shared with anyone except employees who are 2 responsible for administration of a fund and volunteers engaged in a high level of relationship building and/or development activity that is coordinated and monitored by College Advancement.
  5. We desire to make public announcements of major gifts. However, permission of the donor/or donors must be secured by the College Advancement prior to any announcement.
  6. The Division of College Advancement does not disclose individual address, business, or any other information to any external party requesting such information. Office staff may forward mail or a message to a constituent.
  7. All requests for information about donors by the media or other public entities received by any campus office, including the President’s Office and Communications Office, shall be forwarded to the Vice President for College Advancement/Executive Director of the Foundation. Information in legal proceedings will be considered as such a request.
  8. Sensitive information, such as a donor’s will, trust instrument, or financial statements will not be copied, distributed or provided to College personnel. To the extent possible, such information should be maintained only as a single copy in central files in the Office of the Vice President for College Advancement, and/or in a password protected electronic folder.
  9. Students employed in the Division of College Advancement will not be permitted to work with confidential information unless they have reviewed and signed the Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure statement.
  10. Failure to comply with this policy can jeopardize the College’s reputation and relationship with constituents and may be grounds for disciplinary actions up to and including dismissal.
  11. The Division of College Advancement shall at all times remain in compliance with all applicable laws that may supersede this policy.

Accepted at the Alumni Association Board of Directors Meeting April 22, 2017