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Form 990 Approval Policy



IRS Form 990 will be prepared annually by the Executive Officer with the assistance of the accounting firm retained by the Alumni Association. Copies of the completed Form 990 will be provided to members of the Finance Committee sufficiently in advance of the filing deadline to enable a detailed and conscientious review by the Finance Committee. When Form 990 is presented to the Finance Committee, all members of the Board of Directors will be advised that (1) Form 990 is being reviewed by the Finance Committee, (2) copies of the Form 990 can be obtained from the Executive Officer; and (3) advised that any concerns regarding Form 990 should be brought to the attention of the Finance Committee. Members of the Finance Committee will review the Form 990, identify necessary changes, and address any concerns raised by Board Members. Once all necessary changes are made and the Finance Committee is satisfied, copies of the completed Form 990 will be provided to all members of the Board of Directors. Following distribution to the Board of Directors, Form 990 will be signed by the Executive Officer, dated and submitted by the filing deadline.

Approved by unanimous vote by the meeting of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, June 7, 2014.