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SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association Policy on Allowable Expenditures

The mission of the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association is to connect, engage, support, and celebrate the graduates of the SUNY Oneonta and cultivate pride in SUNY Oneonta.

The Association has a special responsibility for transparency, clarity and appropriateness in its stewardship of these resources, including sound systems of internal control. The following policy outlines specific categories of expenditures that are deemed appropriate for our Association, for what purpose and under what conditions.

Allowable Expenses:
Generally, all Association expenditures must be necessary and reasonable, and demonstrate a bon-a-fide business purpose related to the purposes of the Association or the mission of SUNY Oneonta. Examples of permitted expenses include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Expenses supporting or enhancing the academic mission of the college, Distinguished Alumni Lectures, Red Dragon Networking events, Campus to Career programs, Campus Traditions, affinity group reunions, awards programs, regional events, Reunion Weekend, student research and creative activity, library acquisitions, Reflections magazine, and public events on campus.

2. Operational and administrative expenses necessary for the conduct of the Association’s business and the stewardship of Association’s assets, including investment expenses, audit and bank fees, and insurance.

3. Expenses necessary for alumni engagement activities, including publications, mailings, advertising, and legal and consulting fees.

4. Meals and Entertainment: Expenses associated with formal Association or College events or expenses necessary and appropriate for alumni engagement or faculty and staff recognition.

5. Flowers provided in association with formal College or Association events or recognition of special life events or accomplishments.

6. Meeting hospitality in support of Association or College business.

Qualified expenses

Other expenses, which may not be allowable as a general rule, are authorized by Board policy with certain qualifications:

1. Finance and late charges should be avoided whenever possible, but may be paid if necessary to protect the credit of the Association.

2. Donations: As a general practice the Association will not make direct donations or contributions to individuals or other organizations without prior Board approval.

3. Gifts: Non-monetary gifts to individuals or organizations must demonstrate a clear business purpose or institutional benefit. The value of any gifts must be reasonable, consistent with Internal Revenue Service regulations and guidelines.

4. Social, cultural and sporting events: Any expenditure for sponsoring individuals at such events must show a bon-a-fide business purpose and institutional benefit (e.g. alumni engagement, community relations, etc.).

Non-Allowable Expenses:

Generally, any expense that provides primarily personal benefit rather than a demonstrable business purpose related to the Association or the mission of the college is not allowed. Other expenses, while potentially demonstrating a benefit to the college, will be avoided by Association policy. Such examples include:

Employee bonuses: As a general policy, the Association will not compensate college employees for extra service or recognize extraordinary work, beyond that funded by their employer.

Relocation expenses: Reimbursement for relocation expenses of faculty or staff may not be funded or supplemented with Association funds.

Personal expenses: Any direct expenditure or reimbursement for expenses incurred by persons conducting college or Association business must demonstrate a preponderance of institutional rather than personal benefit.

Spousal or dependent travel: Expenditures for spouse or dependent travel, including attendance at College or Association events or travel for prospective employee interviews will not be allowed. An exception would be when the participation of the spouse or guest directly contributes to the advancement, community relations, or other institutional functions of the Association or the College.

Country club or social club membership dues shall not be supported by Association funds.

Political contributions or support: Expenditures in support of any political candidate or partisan issue are prohibited.

Updated by the Board of Directors on January 28, 2017