Our Day of Giving 2019 was a success! More than 850 Oneonta alumni, parents, faculty, staff, retirees, students and friends stepped up and made a gift on our Day of Giving. Combined with the challenge gifts from our very generous donors, we were able to raise more than $170,000 in just 24 hours. There were also over 1,400 posts, shares, likes and comments on social media related to #ONEONTATHANKS. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from the entire Oneonta community. Thank you to everyone who helped us exceed our goal!




A Special Thank You to our Challenge Donors:


Photo: Phil Carpenter

Phil Carpenter '64, '67G ($25,000)

Phil received both his undergraduate degree and a Master of Arts degree in Education from SUNY Oneonta. After a successful career as a Middle School Social Studies Teacher and Department Chair in Bay Shore, NY, he retired in 2000. Phil has generously endowed four scholarships at SUNY Oneonta so that there will always be students from Bay Shore High School attending (one in each class level). “Education is an important key for success, and aiding my adopted hometown students is one way of returning the kindness and opportunities Oneonta provided me almost a half a century ago.”

SA Board

SUNY Oneonta Student Association ($5,000)

The Student Association is dedicated to building sustainable connections between students, faculty, and administration to advocate for and allocate the resources of students. The Association is comprised of 25 Senators and 10 Executive Council Members who serve on external committees and provide student input on the decisions made that affect all of campus. The Student Association gift will be instrumental in raising awareness and support for the Day of Giving, especially among current students and recent alumni who are active on social media and could help us build positive momentum to achieve our goals on this important day.


Sally Tanzer

Sally Tanzer ($10,000)

Sally and her late husband Jed Tanzer ’71 originally established a scholarship to honor Sally’s mother Harriet West Ketcham ‘39. Even though she herself did not graduate from SUNY Oneonta, Sally choses to continue contributing to the college to honor her late mother’s and husband's legacies: "My mother graduated from Oneonta in ‘39 and always spoke with great affection for her years there. My husband, Jed ‘71, felt that the professors at Oneonta truly cared about seeing their students succeed. Since Jed went on to receive an MBA and JD, I think this is true!" Sally currently lives in Florida and enjoys visiting her daughter and traveling abroad. We are grateful for her continued commitment to Oneonta!


Grace Larkin ’67

Grace Larkin ’67 ($5,000)

Grace was a Secondary Education major when she graduated from Oneonta in 1967. She taught at Oneonta Senior High School for many years before her retirement. The Dr. F. Daniel & Grace E. Larkin '67 Scholarship was established to honor Grace's late husband upon his retirement after fifty years of employment at SUNY Oneonta. Grace continues to contribute to their scholarship, and also helped to endow the Class of 1967 scholarship which was established in honor of her graduating class. Dan and Grace shared a life-long commitment to education, and Grace continues to be inspired by knowing how much she is helping students receive a college education through her gifts.


The SUNY Oneonta College Foundation Board of Directors

College at Oneonta Foundation Board of Directors ($26,000)

The College’s Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time and talent, and also invest their charitable gifts for the benefit of SUNY Oneonta. The Board of Directors is a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about education and who provide oversight of and financial stewardship for the Foundation. Several members of the Board, including Andrea Casper ’75, Pat McCann ’75, Jan Ashley ’62, Carol Denson ’64, Stan Nosek ’69, Sheila Striffler ’72, Harry Bradshaw Matthews ’74 and Carol Burkhart ’68, ’73 have pledged additional gifts this year to inspire as many alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and students as possible to support the college on the Day of Giving. Learn more about the Board and the College Foundation at





2019 Honor Roll of Donors

(We will continue to update our donor honor roll until all participants are represented.)

Rosalie A. Abruzzi '64
Katherine Ackerman '61 and B. Donald Ackerman '61
Steven Ackerman '76 and Anne Pryor '76
George Ackerson '72
Paul Adamo '81 and Ann Adamo '82
Bonnie Adler '82
Kimberly Adler '04
David Agosta
Gregory Aidala '72 and Judith Aidala '73
Maxine R. Alberici '61
Gail Alcott '66 '73
Julianna Allen '17
Nancy L. Allen '70
Robert M. Allen '82
Tracy H. Allen
Frances Althiser
Edward Aluck '95 and Sarah Aluck
Janice K. Anderson '75
Dodie H. Antal '81
June Arroyo
Maureen Artale '98 and Thomas Artale '95
Barbara Asheld '74
Ashley Family Foundation
Cathie R. Ayres '75
Alexandra Babcock
Robert H. Backus '87
Micheal Baglivo
Sidney Bail '64 and Stephanie Bail '66
Steven Bailey '72 and Jane Bailey '72
Brenda Balcom '04
Lois Baldwin '80
Patricia Baptiste
Richard Barberio '90 and Christine Barberio
Earl Barker '84
Sandra Barone '62 and Paul Barone
Robert Baroni '74 and Barbara Baroni '74
Stuart L. Baronofsky '76
Daniel P. Bartholf '74
Christopher Bartkowski '76 and Mary Bartkowski
Scott Barton and Cynthia Barton
Andrew Baum '87 and Caryn Baum '88
Jessica Baum
Julia Baxter '97, '05, '10
Robert R. Becker '75
Kyle Beckley '08 and Michael Abourizk
Brian Beitzel
Christine Bellinger
Kari Bennett '98 and Corey Bennett '99
Wendy S. Bennett '92
Mary Lynn Bensen '87
James Berger '91
Jerrold G. Bermingham '83
Terri Berzin '79 and Scott Berzin
Ellen Blaisdell and Peter Exton
Douglas J. Blake '91
Jack B. Bleier '76
Peter Boccagna '76
Mary Boehm
Jean D. Bolen '74
Charles L. Bollinger III
Mitchell Borger '79 and Michele Borger '79
Edward Albert Bossong
Clifford W. Boucher '78
Croix Bouquot '08
Jan Bowers
Colleen Brannan '83, '89 and Alexander Brannan '82, '87
Mary Breuninger '92 and Richard Breuninger
Joseph A. Briand '67
Anne-Marie Brignati '92 and Paul Celt '92
Carol H. Britt '60
Stephanie Brodski '85
Brandon Brooks
Brenda Brooks
Christine Brosnan
Ellen S. Brous '77
Joseph A. Brown '75
Karen Brown '88 and Richard Brown '87
Robert Brown '00, '02
Michelle Bruck '97
Howard F. Buchan
John Bugyi '03
Carol Burkhart '68, '73 and John Burkhart '68, '74
Ryan Butler '04
Barbara Byam
Carolyn Cacciato '79
Elisabeth Caldwell '09
John Cannizzaro '76 and Nancy Cannizzaro '77
Maryellen B. Canuel '82
Laurie Capece '93
Terry Caprio '72
Roland A. Caputo '82
John J. Carbonara '88
Joseph Carbone
John L. Carline '52
Alice Carpenter '72
Philip Carpenter '64, '67
Kelly Carroll
Colleen Cashman
Maureen Cashman
Andrea Casper '75
Thomas D. Cesare '76
Franklin Chambers
Donna Chase and Rick Chase '73
Ben Cherry
Rebecca Cherry
Kathryn Choinski
Charlene Christie and Diana Moller '12
Barbara L. Ciconte '71
Linda Cirillo '69
Kimberly Clarke '78
Karen Clemmer '86
Nancy E. Clickman
Sydney Cohen '17
Debora Cole '77
Joelene M. Cole '73, '78
Tara Coleman '95
Dawn Collins '90 and Philip Collins '91
Christopher Colton '03
Owen Conklin
Paul Constantine '65 and Ann Constantine
Samuel Contreras '93 and Christine Contreras '93
Krista Cooney '03
Jared Cooper '57
Norma Copantitla
Susan R. Cory '82
Connie Cox
Benjamin Coyle '15
Kelly A. Coyne '90
Harold A. Crawford '89
MaryEllen Crawford '69
Susan L. Crews '78
Janet Croce '72 and Alfred Croce '72
Theresa Crowley '68
Andrew Cruz '07
AnneMarie Cucci '12 and Luke Haumesser
Ellen A. Cucci '80
Yvonne Cummings '72
Lori Currier-Woods '79
Margaret L. Curtacci '72
Doris A. Cybulski '69
Ashley D. Dadey
Amy Dai and Peter Dai '06
Betty Daley '49
David Daly '72
Sean Daly '11
Daniel D'Amboise '70
Caroline D'Antonio '67
Arthur Dauria and Barbara Dauria
Adrianne Davis '06
Colleen Davis
Dean Davis '84 and John Argueso
Gary L. Davis '70
Sonia de Frances '71 and Richard de Frances
Katherine Delaney '63
Trisha Delaney
Wendy Delehanty '74 and John Delehanty '75
Mark Delligatti '75
Trent DelSignore
Gail Denisoff '73
Carol Denson '64
Alyson Deppa '08
Bobbye Dickerson '69
Laura Dietrich '71
Craig M. Dingler '78
Georgette Dinkel
Elizabeth Doering
Jim Doig '75
Nancy M. Donato '80
Barbara J. Donegan '71
John Donnelly '77 and Lois Donnelly '78
Jean Doss '71
Mary Ann Dowdell
Kathryn Doyle '75
Howard Duff '78 and Amy Duff
Paul Duffy
Annelise Dunleavy
Elizabeth Dunn
Kathleen Dunne '73
Kim Dunne
Cathryn Dupuree '07 and Rich Eyring '07
Michelle M. Eastman '97
Helaine K. Edelhertz '77
Bonnie M. Edwards '87
Timothy Egan '88 and Joyce Egan '87
Ruth H. Ehrets '93
Lisa M. Elbogen '90
Julie Elderkin
Richard Engelmann '90 and Debra Engelmann '90
Arnold English '70 and Margret English '75
Mark English '08 and Robin English
Jeanmarie Ermelino
Maria Espinoza
Hertha Essman '66
Kenneth Ettinger '73
Rich Eyring '07 and Cathryn Dupuree '07
Nicole Faraci
Remi Farnan '15
Eleanor Faye '65
Beth Feifer '77 and John Sanzone '76
David S. Feinblatt '85
Nydia Feldner
Sherry Felice
Gail Feuer '86 and Steven Feuer
Barbara Fiato '89
Mr. Kenneth F. Fichtelman '76 and Mrs.Kenneth Fichtelman '75
Dorothy P. Fiedler '77
Malcolm S. Field '81
Rui F. Figueiredo
Jennifer L. Fila
Kathleen Filkins '82 and Robert Filkins '84
Rhonda L. Fischman '71
Lynne D. Flaxman '70
Sandra M. Foley '70
Todd Foreman and Danilyn Foreman '02, '07
Peter Formato '63
Everet Fradenburgh
John P. Friedman '75
Daniel Friedrich '91
Mary Furman '72
Ralph Fuschillo Jr. '92
John A. Fusco '72
Carol L. Gabella '74
Robert Gaglione '78
Frances Gailey
Clare Gallagher '87
Robert Gallagher '75 and Kathleen Gallagher '75
Carla Gantner
Caitlin Garrison '09 and Adam Garrison '09
Lori Gaziano '85
Clare Gennario '65
Santo F. Geraci '71
Diana Gerringer
Donna A. Giannetti '79
Edwin J. Gibson '93
Thomas Glennon '09
James Goehrig '84
William Goertemoeller '65, '69 and Cynthia Goertemoeller '66
Henry Goetze '75 and Nancy Goetze
Maury D. Golbert '87
Mitchell R. Goldberg '83
Harvey Goldstein '77 and Lori Goldstein '78
Roberta J. Gordon '65
Susan Stafford-Gough
Jane Grastorf
F. William Grau '89 and Monica Grau '88
Alexandra Greeley '08
Barbara Green '68
Russell D. Green '73
Virginia F. Gressel '69
Susan Gricko '07
Danielle Grieco '18
Laurel L. Griffin '75
Mary Griffin '92 and James Griffin '91, '95
Marion Groetch '84 and John Groetch '84
Janis Guaragno
Stefan Gunther Ph.D. '88
Suzanne Gunther
John E. Gura '83
Jonathan Hahn '90
Tracey Hall
Marty Hansen '75
Michelle Hansen
Hannah Harby
Maryann Harkins
Barbara Harrington '59
Meryl M. Harrison '53
Terry Hart '82 and Amy Hart
Todd Hart '82 and Valerie Stowell-Hart '83
Lawrence Harvan
Patricia M. Haustein '86
Terri A. Hay '89
Tim Hayes and Lindsay Hayes '01
Kathy Hewlett and Richard Hewlett
Roz Hewsenian '75
Virginia Hillman '86
Carolyn Hoag '63
Melissa A. Hochberg '84
Paul Hochuli '78 and Rebecca Hochuli '76
Helen Hoering '68 and Rudolf Hoering
Christopher Hoffmann '78 and Michelle Hoffmann '74
Roland Holstead '67 and Sharyn Holstead '67
Julianne Holz
Barbara E. Hornick
Megan Hotaling '05 and Joshua Hotaling '04
Melissa G. Hough '87
Scott Hudak '83
Tracy Hudson
Ronald Hund Jr. '90
David Hunt '87
Lorraine Hunter '71
Elaine Huntington '55
Gerald P. Husted '70
Ann Hutnick '68
Michael D. Infurna '85
Anthony L. Ingoglia '67
Laura E. Iodice '84
Susan J. Israel '68
Tyler Itzkowitz '15
Alexis Izzo
Joanna Jackson '92
Samuel Jacobs
Nicole Jamandre
Alison K. James
Noele Jencarelli
Linda D. Jenkins '71
Kevin Jensen
Brenda Jones
Keith Jones
Margaret V. Jones '70
N. Mary Jane Jones '62
William Joolingen '76 and Jeanne Joolingen '76
Maureen Joy
Sally A. Jozwiak '82
Shahin Kachwala
Jessica A. Kaczor '08, '11
Lori Kanowitz '80
John Kaplan '83
Christina Karaim '71
Elizabeth Karl '76
Brian G. Katz '72
Sandra Katz
Chandler Kaufmann '18
George Kaywood '70 and Nancy Kaywood
David S. Kenny '85
Terri-Ann Kessler '94 and Daniel Kessler
Lester Kiehn '82
Carol J. Kilgallin '76
Samantha Maureen Kio
Kpoti Kitissou
Charlotte Klages '51
Thomas M. Klaritch Sr. '81
Victor Klein '64
Nancy Kleniewski and William Davis
Achim Koeddermann
Clifford J. Konnerth '82
Jon Kotary '99
Lisa A. Koval '00
Larrie Krafick '75
John Krakowski '76
Priscilla Kremer '76 and William Kremer
Alane S. Kunigan '91
Andrew Ladew '13
Kaitlin Ladika '06 and Christopher Ladika '05
Lauren LaFemina '14
Robert LaForge '77 and Suzanne LaForge '77
Gabrielle Lake '14
Andrea LaMantia '75
Gail Lamountain '79
Phyllis M. Lane '89
Steven Lanza '73 and Eileen Lanza '73
William M. Lapenta '83
Sherry LaRose
Carol F. Larter '61
Nicole LaRusso '14
Wendy Lascell '97 and Ian Lascell
Brian Lavine '77
Christine Lawson
Dorothy Lawson '57
Harold Legg
Michael Leins '08
Laraine Leitch
Pathy Leiva '18
Barry Lenoble '86 and Lauren Lenoble
Marlene Lentz '79
Michelle Leo '05
Jennifer Leonard '96
Paul M. Leonard '78
Edward Leone '74 and Celeste Leone '89, '97
Rita Leone '72
Lauren Levanti '16
Elana Levy '14
Britney Liddell '08
Laura Lincoln and David Lincoln '95
Anthony Lodico '84
Steven Logan and Mary Logan '85
Kathleen Loizides '69 and George Loizides '69
Shirley Longstreet '48
Matthew D. Loozis '76
Barbara Lord '58
Amanda Lowe '12
Elaine Lowe and Brian Lowe
Karen Lucic
Helen Lug '72
Kim Lutz
Darrin Lyons '89 and Lynette Lyons '90
James Madison
Cynthia Magee
Joanne B. Magowan '73
Debra Mahar
Randy Mahar '78 and Maria Mahar '80
Arian Mahrer '00
Ashley Mancino
Melissa Marietta '03 and Andrew Marietta '02
Richard A. Marini '77
Thomas Mark
Shannon Marlow-McCowin '13 and Jarvis Marlow-McCowin
Mark C. Marotta '80
Rose Marsh '64
Paul W. Martin '71
Susan Martin '68
Antonio Martinez '92
Adrienne Martini and Scott Segar
Marx Family Foundation
Kelly Mascetta
Daniel Matishek '16
Geraldine S. Matthews '74
Harry B. Matthews '74
Trisha Matz and Christopher Matz
Sally Maxson '63 and Ronald Maxson '62
Ryan Maxwell '95 and Janice Maxwell '95
Michael McAvoy
Eileen McCann
James McCormack '95 and Nadine McCormack '95
Fay McDonald '61
Cathy L. McFadden '90, '93
Drew P. McKay '05
Edward McKinley '90 and Patricia McKinley
Marjorie D. McMorris '62
Rosemary Meisner
Andre Melendez
Patricia Meli '75
Mitchell Merber '80 and Victoria Martin-Merber '80
Elizabeth A. Meskill '74
Christopher Messina '06
Anne Miller
Anthony Miller '69 and Lois Miller '69
Dawn M. Miller '85
Jill S. Mirabito
Robert J. Miron '80
Erikka Misrahi '08 and Jason Misrahi
Diana Moller '12 and Charlene Christie
Lisa E. Molloy '87
Katherine Monthie '68
Coleen M. Moore '96
Susan P. Moore '75
Laura M. Morcone '06, '12
Daniel S. Moretti '81
Eileen Morgan-Zayachek
Barbara J. Morris Ph.D.
Michael G. Morris '95
Madeline H. Morrow '75
James Mullen
Kim Muller '87
Leland Muller '16
Peter Muller
Karen Munson and Matthew Munson '04
Allison Murphy '17
JoAnne Murphy '86
John Murphy and Karen Murphy
Dawn Murray '77 and Kevin Murray '75
Carolyn Murrell '13
Daniel Nahson
Janet A. Narayan '63
Grace Narins
Denise Natoli '13
David Ndambuki
Rosalind R. Needham '64
Sandra Neverett '72 and Pamela Cranston
Theresa Nicholson '84
Arthur Nimmo '75
Catherine R. Nitschke '87
Joanne Noonan '71
Henry Norman
Cynthia Northrop '11 and Russell Northrop
Stanley E. Nosek Jr. '69
Kim Nostrom
Jennifer Oates '06
Susan C. Obergefell '80
Oscar Oberkircher and Janet Oberkircher
Toby O'Brien '75
Abby Olson '10
Frank O'Mara and Marjorie O'Mara '77
Kevin O'Neill and Jay Davidson '69
Lance S. Oslinker '81
Jade Osterwald
Jerrad Pacatte '16
Leslie Pagan
Jeanne L. Paino '70
Judith E. Palais '81
Beth Palmer
Bonnie Palmieri
Stuart Palonsky '72
Rommel Pampolina '89 and Desiree Pampolina '89
David G. Parker '85
Michelle Paul '92
Jill M. Payne '79
Cheryl Peeters
Stephanie Peguillan '15
Emanuel Pelligra '73 and Patricia Carey-Pelligra '71
James Perez '09
Paul Perlman '76 and Beth Mattimore
Janet Perna '70 and Melanie Rose
Antonio Petruzzo '87
Susan Pianforini '75
Michael Picarello '10
Sara Pickett '79
William Pietraface and Marjorie Pietraface
Tracey E. Pietrzak '89
Mariachiara Pipino
Julianne Piscitello
Taylor Plank '16
Louise K. Plumb '68
Jason Pomeroy '09 and Lisa Pomeroy '08, '12
Colleen Popp
Audrey Porsche and Brian Alexander
Amy Posner '76
Thomas R. Post '62
Philip H. Preston '76
Erika Puffer '11
Joseph Punturo '84 and Barbara Punturo '85
Kelly Purdy '08
Donald S. Pymm '77
Dina Quiles
Alice Quinn '83 and Colin Quinn
Evan D. Rakowski '05
Tracey Ranieri and David Ranieri '82
Beverly Reed '54
Sheila Reed '73
David Regina '91
Burton Relethford '09
Mary Renna
Florian B. Reyda
Esther Reynolds '73
Catherine Ricchetti '88
Mary Ricciuti '73
Delores Richards-Madikiza '74
Domenic Rinaldi
David Ring
Mark Roach
Susan V. Roberts '68
John Robilotta '93
Stacy Robinson
Fran Rock
Kathleen H. Roebuck '88
Toni S. Rogers '98
Beatrice M. Rohrmeier '54
Roberta Rolston '53
Eric Ronis '15
Kenneth Rouse '74
Doris K. Roy '68
Lynn Rubenfeld '89
Maribeth Rubenstein '09
Mary Rueshoff '66
Richard A. Rumsey '87
Patricia Ruppel '73
Andrea R. Ryan '93
Linda Ryan '84
Daren J. Rylewicz '93
William Sacco '11
Ann Sail '73 and Michael Sail '73
Ruben Salinas
Nadine Amy Salzman '76
Richard A. Sano '61
Kathy Sansotta
Ralph A. Scalise '85
Jennifer Scanlon '80 and Michael Arthur
Donna Schacher '69 and Robert Schacher '68
Glenn L. Schafer '78
Paul Scheele
Lawrence Scherer '83
Karyn Schmidt '73
Diane L. Schmolze '75
Meredith L. Schnur '93
Benjamin Schoolsky '93
Paul Schrot '94 and Mary Schrot '92
Barbara B. Schue '64
Rhea Schultzberg '76
Howard C. Schwartz '78
Leah Schwartz
Mary Schwebel '64
Andrew J. Schwenk '87
Todd Scott '74
Therese Shady '76
Matthew Shaler and LeAnne Shaler
Jill S. Shaw '88
Timothy P. Sheesley '77
Mary Shellhammer '55
Suzy Shepardson '93
Sheila Sheridan Striffler '72 and Robert Striffler '72
Pamela Shmuel '75 and Max Shmuel '75
Elisa Shostack '91
Elaine Shull '68
Joyce B. Shultis '92
Alice Siegfried
John Sikora '89
Pamela J. Silvano '78
Steven J. Silverman '89
Dennis J. Sinnott Jr. '90, '91
Terri Sinnott '89
Erica Skov-Beams '07 and Joshua Beams '05
Wilma Slaight '66
Trevor Slattery '04
Evan Slow '81 and Roberta Slow '81
Barry Smerling '89
Charles Smith '75
Donald Smith '79
Glenda Smith '70 and Alfred Smith '70
Margaret M. Smith '72
Lisa Snyder
Marcia Snyder '55
Sharon Sobel '13
Marie Soden '71 and Irving Soden '70
Kenneth Soeder '79
Barbara Soldani '66
Scott A. Solow '82
Rona Somkin
Julie Soriano
Maria Sosiak '18
Joanne Soued '71 and Frederick Soued
Maya Speelmans '77
Deborah A. Sperano '95
Victoria Sperazza '15
Elaine Sperbeck '71
Siobhan Sperin '79
Kelly Spettel and Louis Spettel
Alan Spierer '80
Delores Spitzer '53
David Stahl '73
John Stahlberg '66 and Barbara Stahlberg '66
Andrew Stammel
Bette A. Stark-Harrold '77
Melissa Steindler '92
Deborah Stevens
Keith Stewart '73
Ruth A. Stokes '73
Ethan Stortecky '13
Jeffrey Strauss '71 and Janis Strauss
Denise A. Straut '90, '11
Cynthia Struckle '86
Gerard T. Sullivan '83
Janet Sullivan '73
Jean Sullivan
Michael T. Sullivan '00
Gail Sunray '65
Brianna Supensky
Robert Sutherland '77 and Donna Sutherland '76
Aimee Swan '06 and Ryan Swan '06
Ana L. Tamm-Daniels '72
Vivian Tan
Sally Tanzer
Aaron Tawil '90
Flora W. Tefoe '66
Alexis Tepper '15
Wade Thomas and Maggie Morrison
Daphne Thompson '05
Ellen Thompson '68
Deborah Thomsen '73 and Gerald Thomsen
Thomas E. Thornton '70
Susan Thurgood '78
Faith Tiemann
Deborah Tighe '88
Jennifer Tomasso
Danielle Tonner '95 and Robert Tonner '93
Brianna Torres '17
Paula Trask
Cheryl Trembone '91
Ellen Tricomi
Anne Triller
Elizabeth Tudor
Maryann Tufano
Jenna Turner '17
Bessy Umana
James M. Utter '64
Leslie Vaccaro '88
Michael Venditti
William Vining '81 and Kathy Tobiassen
Deborah Viscogliosi '85
Robert J. Vitale '76
Maria Voiklis
Chris Vredenburg '86
Brenda Vreeland
Ann M. K. Waeger '74
Kenneth Waldmann '80
William S. Walker
Cynthia J. Wallace '78
Monica J. Wall-Davis '75
Stephen M. Walsh '79
Lynda Walther '68
Joan Wanner '58
Michaela Warner '15
Francine Waruch
Jan Waterbury '73, '76G
Fern Waxberg
Etsuko Weaver
Kermit H. Weaver '71
Penny Weber
Diane Webster '72
Christine Weigel '93
Sara Weinstein '97 and Robert Weinstein '96
Michelle Weiss '08
Mary Anne Welsh '79
Lisa M. Wenck '92
Benjamin Wendrow '08 and Karyn Wendrow '09
Kaylee Wescott
Piotr Wesolowski
Mary Westermann '74
Lynn D. Westgren '73
Linda White '69
Jolie Widawsky
Taylor Wiley
Michael E. Williams CPA '88
Sandra B. Williamson '73
Barbara Wilsey '53
James Winters '75
Jennifer Withington and RP Withington
Conner Wolfe '18
Diane Wolfe '78
Nancy Wolters
Maureen E. Wood '71
Mark Woytovich
Amy Wright
Mary Yarusso '66
Vincent Young '80 and Ellen Young
David Yudell '93 and Tracy Yudell '93
Janet Zachmann '65
Albert A. Zafonte Jr. '81
Susan E. Zawyrucha '70
Amanda Zdanowicz '14
David Zdunczyk '76
Taylor Zelka '15
James Zians
Wayne Ziemianski '76 and Dawn Ziemanski