Our Day of Giving 2018 was an overwhelming success! More than 940 alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and friends participated with a gift, helping us to secure $50,000 in challenge gifts for SUNY Oneonta. What an incredible outpouring of generosity to support SUNY Oneonta students! Thank you to everyone who helped us exceed our goal.


Day of Giving Donor Count

725 Donors 725 Total Donors Needed



A Special Thank You to our Challenge Donors

Jan Ashley '62

Jan graduated from Oneonta in 1962 with a degree in Elementary Education. “When I went to Oneonta, it was a teaching preparatory college. My career concentrations were different from teaching but that background has helped me in everything I have done. Even though SUNY Oneonta today is so different from my experience, I am very proud and feel a great loyalty to the college.” Today, Jan serves as president of the Ashley Family Foundation and is a docent and speaker for the Susan B. Anthony House in Rochester. Jan’s philanthropic interests at SUNY Oneonta have focused on helping female students. In establishing a scholarship for non-traditional students, Jan says: “I resonate in being able to assist and empower women towards their goals.”

Andrea Casper '75

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology, Alumni of Distinction honoree Andrea Casper completed the medical technology program of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Washington, D.C. After more than 25 years of progressive experience in regulatory affairs, Andrea retired in 2017 as a corporate officer and president of regulatory affairs at C.R. Bard, Inc. Prior to her tenure at CR Bard, Andrea held senior leadership positions at Johnson & Johnson and Roche Molecular Systems. Andrea’s charitable giving to SUNY Oneonta has focused on scholarship support as well as funding internship opportunities for current students. Andrea established a scholarship in her parents’ names to honor the support they provided for her education.

Pat McCann '75

Pat graduated from Oneonta in 1975 with a BS in Economics. His wife Linda also attended Oneonta, graduating in 1976 with a degree in Elementary Education. Pat worked in the environmental business for over 30 years and was CEO of Weston Solutions for 15. Currently semi-retired, Pat serves on a number of boards including the College at Oneonta Foundation Board of Directors, where he currently serves as President. Pat is an Alumni of Distinction honoree, and he and his wife make charitable giving to the college one of their philanthropic priorities: “ We believe affordable education makes a big difference in people’s lives. Both Linda and I got a great education at Oneonta that was equivalent to or better than other colleges that we would not have been able to afford. We give back so others could have the same opportunity.”

Marc Millian '85

Marc graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 1985 with a degree in Psychology. He received his Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology in 1988 from City University of NY, Baruch College and his law degree in 1991 from Stetson University. Marc’s law practice, Retamar & Millian, P.A, based in Deerfield Beach serves personal injury clients throughout Florida. Marc attributes the faculty at SUNY Oneonta with giving him the confidence and motivation to succeed. As a result, Marc has established a research fund in honor of his mentor, Dr. Larry Guzy, who had a profound impact on his education.

Dorothy Lawson ’57

Dottie, originally from Brooklyn, credits her parents for her SUNY Oneonta education and her fulfilling teaching career. Their sacrifices and dedication made it possible for Dottie to attend SUNY Oneonta and become a kindergarten teacher at Valleyview Elementary School in Oneonta, where Dottie taught for 37 years. Knowing the pressures that financial need can have on students, it was important to Dottie to help students like herself afford a SUNY Oneonta education. Because of this, Dottie established her endowed scholarship in 2010 for students with financial need. Dottie believes strongly in SUNY Oneonta and the education that students receive here. She made her Challenge Gift for the Day of Giving to inspire other SUNY Oneonta alumni to support their alma mater and assist today’s students.

Allen Marx ’78

Allen is a retired commodities trader, father of four daughters, and avid golfer who resides in Palm Beach Gardens, FL with his wife Charlene. Allen and his wife have established the Marx Family Foundation to support their many philanthropic endeavors. Since his time at Oneonta, Allen worked to build a successful career in commodities, owning seats on the NYME.

Allen had an early mentor who stressed that with success comes the responsibility to give back. He has been an avid supporter of the ITK scholarship and remains in close contact with many of his fraternity brothers. Allen and his family are establishing a scholarship that will support a SUNY Oneonta student with financial need who is an active participant in community service and volunteerism. Allen was inspired to make a challenge gift for our Day of Giving to motivate others to support SUNY Oneonta.



Honor Roll of Donors

(Due to the overwhelming outpouring of support, we will continue to update our donor honor roll until all participants are represented.)

Rosalie A. Abruzzi '64
Matthew Acquavella '15
Paul Adamo '81 and Ann Adamo '82
Gail Alcott '73
Jennifer D. Allan-Stoklosa '99
Jacqueline Allen '76
Frances Althiser
Edward Aluck '95
Jessica Alvarez
Catherine Amendola '01
Jordan Anderson '17
Frank Anthony '70
Deirdre Antoniello '92
Maxine Antunes-Reiff '96
Maureen Artale '98 and Thomas Artale '95
Barbara Asheld '74
Jan Ashley '62
Robin Augello
Sidney Bail '70 and Stephanie Bail '74
Carol Baker '66, '71 and James Baker
Timothy Baker '01
Lois M. Baldwin
Donald Ball '75 and Maureen Salek-Ball '76
Patricia Baptiste
Leah Baratz
Jeramie Barber '00
David Barkan
Jeffrey Barnett '79 and Stephanie Barnett
Maria Baron '84
Sandra Barone '62 and Paul Barone
Daniel P. Bartholf '74
Scott Barton
Taeko Bashaw '82
Andrew Baum '87 and Caryn Baum '88
Mark Z. Becker '70
Brian Beitzel
Christine Bellinger
Cynthia Bellinger '70, '74 and Richard Bellinger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Bellinger
Mary Lynn Bensen '87
Frances B. Bergstrom '77
Stephen Berman
Jerrold G. Bermingham '83
Rebecca Bertels
Terri Berzin '79 and Scott Berzin
Christine Bianco '78
Lesley Bidwell '86 and Philip Bidwell '87, '93, '00
Kasey Biernacki
Sheila Birkett
Holly S. Bisselle '58
Ellen Blaisdell and Peter Exton
Douglas J. Blake '91
Deborah Bocchicchio '85
Margaret A. Bogdanski '69
Joyce E. Bohl '80
Thomas Bond
Mary Bonderoff '88, '99 and Scott Bonderoff '87
Edward Bossong
Annie Botch
Olivia M. Bouleanu '80
Ashley Bowden '13
Jan Bowers
Kathleen Boziwick '77
Laura Brady '81 and Vincent Seidita '79
Ryan Brain '06
Cara Bramson '10
Amanda Brandow '11
Kyle Brandt
Frances Brennan '85
Jacinta Brennan
Patricia Breslauer '70
Joseph A. Briand '67
James A. Bridger '69
Meryl Brodsky '86
Kimberly Brooks '14
Linda L. Brown '74
Robert Brown '00, '02
Joseph A. Brown '75
Michelle Bruck '97
Christopher Bruton
John Bugyi '03
David Bullock '68 and Linda Bullock
Carol Burkhart '68, '73 and John Burkhart '68, '74
Sidney Burns '14
Ryan Butler '04
Keith Butler '83 and Carey Butler '86
Ryan Cabrera
Carolyn Cacciato '79
Denise Cahn '91 and George Cahn '91
John Calabrese '83
Matthew Calado '14
John Cannizzaro '76 and Nancy Cannizzaro '77
Terry Caprio '72
John Carbonara
Christopher J. Carmody '84
Alice Carpenter '72
Jean Casey and John Casey
Nicole Cashman '02, '05
Colleen Cashman
Andrea Casper '75
George L. Cavagnaro Jr. '77
Matthew Cedar '08
Diana Cervantes
Thomas D. Cesare '76
Puneet Chadha '06 and Lisa Chadha '08
Agnes Chamberlin '61
Melissa Charney
Donna Chase and Rick Chase '73
Ben Cherry
Anthony Chicaiza
Kathryn Choinski
Bill Christopher DA '67 and Judy Christopher '67
Nicholas Chylinski
Barbara L. Ciconte '71
Carol M. Cinquemani '94
Peter Cisek '61 and Dorothy Cisek '62
Hyde Clarke '10
Skylar Claud
Karen Clemmer '86
Bernard F. Cleveland '58
Nancy Clickman
Samantha Clink-Haug '11, '14
James Coan and Cathy Coan
Andrew Cohen '16
Sydney Cohen '17
Eric Cohen '93
Sharon Colabello '78
Ashley Cole '15
Samantha Colella '15
Blake Collazo '11
Ivanna D. Colon
Kristen Comolli
Jennifer R. Connors '78
Betty J. Cooper '62
Cooperstown Graduate Association
Peter Corwin '70 and Laura Corwin '70
Susan R. Cory '82
Keara Cosgrove
E. Richard Covert '52 and Angela Covert
Jeremy Covone
Connie Cox
Colton Cox '15
Benjamin Coyle '15
Harold A. Crawford '89
Richelle Cremo
Susan L. Crews '78
Alfred Croce '72 and Janet Croce '72
Priscilla J. Cronk '58
Vanessa Cruz
Ellen A. Cucci '80
AnneMarie Cucci '12 and Luke Haumesser
Emily Culbert
Yvonne Cummings '72
Nicolette Curcio '12
Ian Curran
Brian Curry '79 and Susan Curry '80
Margaret L. Curtacci '72
Brian S. Cushman '98
Karlene Cusick '71 and Roger Cusick '71
Mary Dacquino '80 and David Dacquino
Ashley Dadey
Bryanna D'Agostino
David Daly '72
Melissa Daly
Sean Daly '11
Anna D'Ambrosio '89 and Paul D'Ambrosio '83
Caroline D'Antonio '67
Jay Davidson '69
Gary L. Davis '70
Dean Davis '84 and John Argueso
Jillian Davis
Gary Day '75 and Lynann Day '82
Alexandra DeCarlo
Stephen DeForest
Karlyssa Dejesus
Mark Del Quaglio
Katherine Delaney '63
Kaitlin Delaney
Liana D'Elia
Mark Delligatti '75
Nicholas DeMarco '13
Terry Dempsey
Caitlin Dempsey '17
Gail Denisoff '73
Thomas Denniston '75 and Julia Denniston
Carol Denson '64
Alyson Deppa '08
Diane DeVestern '70
Julie Dewey '10
Lori A. Diaz '79
Lynnette V. Diaz-Miller
Bridget Dineen
Susanmarie Dinga '66
Kristine Dirocco
Brittany Dobraj '14 and Blake Dobraj '14
Jim A. Doig '75
Maureen E. Dolan '95
Gabriela Donato '15
Barbara J. Donegan '71
John Donnelly '77 and Lois Donnelly '78
Paul Donohue '74
Mary Dowdell
Elaine Downing
Diane C. Duell '74
Kathleen Dunne '73
Kim Dunne
Cathryn Dupuree '07 and Rich Eyring '07
Michael Durbin '95
Barbara Durkin
Joanne Dwyer '75
John Dzury
Meghan Eberlein
Falicia Eddy '14, '16
Helaine K. Edelhertz '77
Merrie I. Edelston '82
Elaine Eff '76
Donna S. Einhorn '71, '72
Lisa M. Elbogen '90
Laura Emmet
Michael Engel
Richard Engelmann '90 and Debra Engelmann '90
Mark English '08
Jeanmarie Ermelino
Fidelina Escoto
Alejandra Escudero-Retana
Rich Eyring '07 and Cathryn Dupuree '07
Cynthia G. Falk
Remi Farnan '15
John W. Feminella PhD '76
Nicholas Ferrucci '09
Gail Feuer '86 and Steven Feuer
Dorothy P. Fiedler '77
Jennifer L. Fila
Carol Fitzgerald
Allison S. Flannery '71
Gregory Floyd '80
Lisa Flynn
William Forlani '68
Mikaela Franceschina
Richard Frankhouser '00
Thomas M. Freeman Ph.D.
David G. Frick '77
Diana Friedell '78
John P. Friedman '75
Remi Friedman
Mary Furman '72
Ralph Fuschillo Jr. '92
John A. Fusco '72
Sydney Gabryshak
Steven Gagliano
Frances Gailey
Russ Gambin '68
Angela Gardner
Asia Garris
Eleanore Gibson '62
Shannen Gillespie
Thomas Glennon '09
Maury D. Golbert '87
Mitchell R. Goldberg '83
David J. Goldstein '03, '07
Verania Z Gonzalez
Zachary D. Gordon '81
Marion Grammer '68
Jane Grastorf
Monica Grau '88 and F. William Grau '89
Thomas E. Gray '92
Janis G. Grechko PhD '80
Alexandra Greeley '08
Barbara Green '68
Lonnie Green '99 and Jaime Green '98
Kerry Gresser '93
Laurel L. Griffin '75
Mary Griffin '92 and James Griffin '91, '95
Margaret L. Grippin '74
John E. Gura '83
Karl Gutenberger
Mary Guth
Sasha Gutierrez '11
Lawrence Guzy and Joyce Guzy
Marie-Louise A. Gwyn '84
Gale Haas '75
John Haase
Thomas Habib '84
Diane Hahn '64
Kaitlin Hair
Tracey Hall
Dawn Hamlin
Meredith Hammerslag
Emily Handley
Theresa T. Haner '71
Marty Hansen '75
Kristina Hanson
Hannah Harby
Jessica Harney '03
Ruth Harrigan '87
Barbara Harrington '59
Marina Harris
Terry Hart '82 and Amy Hart
Todd Hart '82 and Valerie Stowell-Hart '83
Michael P. Hawkins '84
John Hay
Terri A. Hay '89
Heather Hay
Jennifer Henderson '98
Matthew Hendley and Michelle Hendley
Ted Herrmann '70 and Charlotte Moore
Christine Hess
Kathy Hewlett and Richard Hewlett
Roz Hewsenian '75
Katelyn Higgins
Virginia Hillman '86
Matthew Hodges '02
Helen Hoering '71 and Rudolf Hoering
Shelly L. Hoffman
Roland Holstead '67 and Sharyn Holstead '67
Suzanne M. Holwitt '67
Mr. and Mrs. David Holzwarth
Robert Hornik
Kirsten Horstman
Margaret Hotaling '68
Stanley Houck '65
Suzanne Howard '84
Elaine Huntington '55
Daniel Hylas '12
Grace Iannuccilli '75
Joseph Iglesias
Michael D. Infurna '85
Diane Ingersoll and Barton Ingersoll
Susan J. Israel '68
Tyler Itzkowitz '15
Alison K. James
Linda D. Jenkins '71
Ellen Jennings '68
John Jimenez '12
Andrea J. Johnson '80
Tiffany L. Johnson '10
Ms. Maureen E. Joy
Sally A. Jozwiak '82
Randy Kaplan '93
Judith R. Kassel '77
Melissa Katz
George Kaywood '70 and Nancy Kaywood
Lisa Keaney
Robert D. Keever '82
Jayne Kelly '79 and Thomas Kelly '96
Lynne Kelly '76
David S. Kenny '85
Debbie Kiakis
Craig Kindel '08
Audrey Kinsella
Kathleen Kinslow '77
Kpoti Kitissou
Ruth Klee
Robert Klein '64
Rob Klein '72 and Deborah Ingram
Nancy Kleniewski and William Davis
Reginald Knight '74 and Shelley Knight '73
Casey L. Kohler '08
Daniel P Kohler
Paula Kopsick
John Krakowski '76
Denis Krayets '13
Priscilla Kremer '76 and William Kremer
William Kucharski
Alane S. Kunigan '91
Matthew Kurz '07
Dana Kuznetzkoff '83
Irene Kypar '83
Shannon LaBarge
Cristian Laboy '14
Louise M. Ladd '70
Andrew Ladew '13
Kaitlin Ladika '06 and Christopher Ladika '05
Cole Laffitte
Daniel Lagani '85
Andrea LaMantia '75
MaryAnn Lamonica
Debbie Landry '01
Harvey Langholtz '70 and Danielle Moretti-Langholtz '69
Christine Langone '73 and John Langone '71
Tami LaPilusa '12 and Matthew LaPilusa
Sherry LaRose
Vernon Larson and Laurel Larson
Wendy Lascell '97 and Ian Lascell
Jay Lasser '05
Matthew Latino '08
Robert T. Lawless '74
Francis Lawless
Dorothy Lawson '57
Christine Lawson
Andrew Leeb
Michael Leface '14
Anna Legname '06
Michael Leins '08
Laraine Leitch
Kristin Lenihan '10
Barry Lenoble '86 and Lauren Lenoble
Marlene Lentz '79
Paul M. Leonard '78
Jennifer Leonard '96
Rosemary Levy '82 and Jeffrey Levy '83
Elana Levy '14
Coleen M. Lewis '96
Margaret D. Lewis '80
Jihnay Lewis-Williams
Jin Ying Li '01
Laura Lincoln and David Lincoln '95
Kenneth Lindenbaum '84
Michelle Linder '12
Louise Little '57
Sylvester Lloyd '62 and Janice Lloyd '62
Jason Lobdell
Katherine Loja
Laura Lopresti
Elaine Lowe
Amanda Lowe '12
Helen Lug '72
Gary Luk '07
Marci Lukinsky
Tina Lundgren and Jeff LaPell
Darrin Lyons '89 and Lynette Lyons '90
Phyllis E. Macbeth '66
Layne Mackay
James E. Mackin
Joanne B. Magowan '73
Deborah A. Mahan '76
Arian Mahrer '00
Kathleen Maiorana '64
David Maliani '08
Mary Ellin Mallazzo '81 and Dennis Mallazzo '81
David Manes and Bonnie Manes '67
Steven Maniscalco '96 and Patricia Maniscalco '95, '96
Constance Mann '49
Barbara Mann
Jason Manz '95
Catherine Marcasciano '08
Anthony Marchese '72
Christine M. Marino '90, '91
Shannon Marlow '13
Ellen Marrone
Elizabeth C. Marshall Cicak '75
Paul W. Martin '71
Jody Martin
Adrienne Martini
Allen J. Marx '78
Daniel Matishek '16
Harry B. Matthews '74
Geraldine S. Matthews '74
Christopher Matz and Trisha Matz
Alexandra Mauro
Ronald Maxson '62 and Sally Maxson '63
Ryan Maxwell '95 and Janice Maxwell '95
John McAlary
Michael McAvoy
Michael McCabe
Patrick McCann '75 and Linda McCann '76
Eileen McClafferty
Kaitlyn McCleneghan
Braden McClenon '98
Fay McDonald '61
Anita McGill
Tabitha McGill
Audrey McHugh
Drew P. McKay '05
Erin McLear '04 and Joshua McLear '05
Edward J. McSweeney '71
Kathleen McVicar '83 and William McVicar '81
Kathleen Meeker '78
Cara Meiselman '83
Rosemary Meisner
Ivette Mendoza
James R. Mercante '88
Charles Meyer '79 and Susan Meyer '81
Wayne Mickiewicz '73
Vera Migunova
Dawn M. Miller '85
Vanessa Miller
Mark Miller
Melissa Miller
Kathleen Miller
Marc Millian '85
Mary Milmore and David Milmore '74
Francis A. Miozzi '71
Jill S. Mirabito
Wendy M. Mircovich '95
Melissa Mish '95
Erikka Misrahi '08 and Jason Misrahi
Diana Moller '12
Lisa E. Molloy '87
Rebecca Molloy '05
Christopher Monroe '96
Diane Monroe
Katherine Monthie '68
Susan P. Moore '75
David Morell '92 and Susan Morell '95
Daniel S. Moretti '81
Barbara J. Morris
Steven Moskowitz '10
Adam Moulter '10
George Moussa '89, '91, '95, '00 and Erin Moussa '98
Tara Muldoon
James Mullen
Peter Muller
Karen Munson and Matthew Munson '04
Elaine Muraca '91
Allison Murphy '17
Alicia Musk '11
John Myron '13
Thomas K. Nabozny '76
Janet A. Narayan '63
Catherine B. Nardi
Grace Narins
Rosalind R. Needham '64
David Nemiroff '92
John A. Neuburger '83
Sandra Neverett '72 and Pamela Cranston
Anthony Nichols '15
Theresa Nicholson '84
Danielle Nolan
Joanne Noonan '71
Jean M. Norris '84, '88
Stanley E. Nosek Jr. '69
Kim Nostrom
Jennifer Oates '06
Susan C. Obergefell '80
Toby O'Brien '75
Elizabeth O'Brien '03
Wilson E. O'Donnell '82
Timothy P. O'Halloran '82
Robert Ohliger
Mary Orin
Larissa Orlando '16
John T. O'Rourke '88
Maryclaire Osegueda '90 and Carlos Osegueda
Martha Osowski
Debra Ost '05
Kaitlyn Ostrov '14 and Toby Ostrov '12
Tracy Owens '09
Jerrad Pacatte '16
Judith E. Palais '81
Samantha Palermo
Yahayra Pallo Colon
Edward J. Palm '80
Brianna Palmatier
John Palmerton
Joann Palumbo '73
Elizabeth Pariante Ahearn '72
Debra L. Parisian '82
Jessica Parker
Cheryl Peeters
Stephanie Peguillan '15
Emanuel Pelligra '73 and Patricia Carey-Pelligra '71
Stephanie Pena
Dustin Pennington
Vanessa Pepe
Lizette M. Perez-Deisboeck
Paul Perlman '76 and Beth Mattimore
Janet Perna '70 and Melanie Rose
Fatima Petersen '15
Joseph Phillips '81
Glenn Pichardo '02
Nancy E. Pierce '77
William Pietraface and Marjorie Pietraface
Julianne Piscitello
Ronald Pleban
Louise K. Plumb '68
Michele Polhemus
Jason Pomeroy '09 and Lisa Pomeroy '08, '12
Audrey Porsche
Amy Posner '76
Briana Purtell '13
Dawn C. Quattrone '88
Samantha Quinn '08
Catherine Raddatz
Steven Raff '95
Jeanne Raia and Mr. Joseph Raia '78
Kumar Rajan '97
Katie Randorf
Tracey Ranieri and David Ranieri '82
Rachel Rapoport
Cordell Reaves '07
Beverly Reed '54
Stephen Regan '02
Monica Reiner '86
Burton Relethford '09
Lauren Ressa '98
Jill Reuss '61
Jared Reynolds '12
Mary Ricciuti '73
Alyson Rice '12 and Steven Rice '12
Peggy A. Richter '76
Monica Ridgeway
Bridget Rigas '98, '07
David B. Riggs '81
Miguel Rios
Kenneth Roberts '71 and Catherine Roberts '76
Melissa Roberts
Susan V. Roberts '68
Stacy Robinson
Lorissa Rodriguez
Marvin Rodriguez
Claire M. Roemer '68
Beatrice M. Rohrmeier '54
Carole Rooney
Amy Rooney
Lawrence Rose
Jonathan Rosenberg
Gary E. Rosenfeld '84
Jennifer L. Rosenfeld '98
Tiffany Rosenthal
Jessica Roser
Virginia Rossuck '60 and Richard Rossuck '60
Alexandra Rovello
Kristina Rowley '05
Doris K. Roy '68
William Ruffing '85
Leah Ruiz
Andrea R. Ryan '93
Daren J. Rylewicz '93
William Sacco '11
Christopher Sadlocha '82 and Sallye Sadlocha '94
Lisa Salazar '87
Ruben Salinas
Ellen Sanchez Marenchin '79
Jacqueline Santamaria
Alex Savastano
Vaughn Sayles '68
Jennifer Scanlon '80 and Michael Arthur
Allison Schaefer
Glenn L. Schafer '78
Caitlin Schanz
Linda Scherer
Ernest J. Schirmer '86
Leanne Schmadtke '17
Carly Schnurr '14
Susan Schoenberg '77
Anne M. Schomaker '64
Barbara Schoonmaker '62
Paul Schrot '94 and Mary Schrot '92
Barbara B. Schue '64
Anna M. Schuhart '74
Connie L. Schultes '89
Rhea Schultzberg '76
Howard C. Schwartz '78
Leah Schwartz
Elizabeth Sclafani
Todd Scott '74
Shawna Scoville '13
Joseph F. Serbun '84
Jean Seroka '64 and Joseph Seroka '66
Alyssa Shabels '93
Matthew Shaler and LeAnne Shaler
Sean Shannon '89
Rita Sharples '73
Jill S. Shaw '88
Zahria Shaw
Timothy P. Sheesley '77
Suzy Shepardson '93
Martin Siganoc '97
Eva Silva
Pamela J. Silvano '78
Alexandrina Simon
Terri Sinnott '79
Cassie Sklarz '04, '06
Erica Skov-Beams '07 and Joshua Beams '05
Wilma Slaight '66
Trevor Slattery '04
Rebecca Slaughter '05
Anna Smelewski
Stephanie Smelewski
Glenda Smith '70 and Alfred Smith '70
Margaret M. Smith '72
Jennifer Smith '05
Sharon Snyder '80
Marcia Snyder '55
Sharon Sobel '13
Barbara Soldani '66
Deidre Solli '11
Scott A. Solow '82
Katherine Sorce '15
Gretchen S. Sorin '75
Maria Sosiak
Joanne Soued '71 and Frederick Soued
Maya Speelmans '77
Linda Spelder
Victoria Sperazza '15
Siobhan Sperin '79
Susan Spofford '71 and Paul Spofford '70
Constance A. Spohn PhD '74, '77
Carolyn Springer '64 and William Springer
Alison L. Squiccimarro '97
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Squiccimarro
Lora Stadelman
Susan Stafford-Gough
Robert C. Stark '69
Sheryl Starr '81 and Jay Starr '80
John Stein '79 and Susan Stein '79
Melissa Steindler '92
Edward A. Stevelman '75
Deborah Stevens
Ruth A. Stokes '73
Timothy S. Stone '79
Jeffrey Strauss '71 and Janis Strauss
Shawna Strenfel '07
Sheila Striffler '72 and Robert Striffler '72
Alane C. Strong '90
Sherri Stuart
College at Oneonta Student Association
Elizabeth Sudlow '15
Michael T. Sullivan '00
Nancy Sullivan
Gail Sunray '65
Robert Sutherland '77 and Donna Sutherland '76
Kevin Sutton '16
Ryan Swan '06 and Aimee Swan '06
Sarah Sypher
Kayleigh Szuflada
Ana L. Tamm-Daniels '72
Connie Taragano '71
Ellen Tarello '77
Teresa Tartaglione-Linden '06 and Thomas Linden '06
Flora W. Tefoe '66
Sarah Tennant
Alexis Tepper '15
Jacqueline Terry-Hughes '87
Colby Thomas '84
Wade Thomas and Maggie Morrison
Daphne Thompson and Keith Thompson '99
Ira Tiffenberg '81
Carolann Tipton '66
Elizabeth Tirado and Thomas Tirado '08
Danielle Tonner '95 and Robert Tonner '93
Cheryl Trembone '91
Joseph Truono
David W. Truscott '77
Marta Tsuvanyk
Alice Tucker '85 and Stephen Tucker
Marie Tucker
Hilda Turner '62
Hailey Turner
Andrew Turner '11
Gary Tutty '71, '78 and Pamela Tutty '73
Alondra Johanny Urena
Michael Uzzi '78
Jon Vadney '06
Jean M. Vallianos '84
Sheryl Van Aken '89
Skylar Van Dyke '17
Ann H. Van Tassell '61
Anna Vanderpool
Laura Varela
Michael Venditti
Erick Vilchez
John Villanti '07
Lynda M. Vincent '75
Travis Visco '10
Donna Vogler and James Vogler
Maria Voiklis
Samantha Wade '11
Laurie Wagner
Barbara Walden '02 and Jody Blankenship-Walden '02
William S. Walker
Monica J. Wall-Davis '75
Clarissa Walrath '11
Stephen M. Walsh '78
Stephen Walsh
Stacy Ward '01
Michaela Warner '15
Christine Warnquist '71
Susan Warren '72
Barry P. Warren
Jan Waterbury '73, '76G
Mary K. Weafer '84
Diane Webster '72
Sara Weinstein '97 and Robert Weinstein '96
Donald Weis '96 and Jayme Weis '96
Amanda J. Weiss '06
Brett Wellman '01, '03
Jason Wells '97
Richard Wendling
Benjamin Wendrow '08 and Karyn Wendrow '09
Piotr Wesolowski
Mary Westermann '74
Edgar White '03
Christopher Whiteman '72
Jennifer Whitfield '99
Bernadette C. Whittemore '91
William Wilkerson
Michael E. Williams CPA '88
Lacey Williams '08
Diane Williams '84
Sandra B. Williamson '73
Amie Winans
Colin Wind
James Winters '75
Gary J. Wiseman '75
Rebecca Withers
RP Withington and Jennifer Withington
Deborah Wolfanger '88 and William Wolfanger '87
Kathryn Wood '15
Lara Woods
William Woodward
Lois Wright '54
Candace Wright '16
Steven Wynn
Cyndy Yager '82
Michael Yanchus
Mary Yarusso '66
Kelly Zack-Decker
Susan E. Zawyrucha '70
Stephanie Zeleznik
Taylor Zelka '15
Sen Zhang and Min Zhang
James Zians
Lorraine Zimniewicz '74
Patricia Zurowski '74