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Special Thanks to our Challenge Donors:


Capek Family

Mary and Jerry '83 Bermingham

Jerry's Major: Psychology

"My experience with Students and Teachers expressing their appreciation for the personnel impact we have had on their lives has warmed my heart and made me proud of my participation on the College Foundation Board.  I was motivated to make a Powered by you Challenge gift to encourage participation, and perhaps light a spark, especially with first time donors who can share the same joy and pride. "

Capek Family

The Hart Family

Valerie Stowell Hart '83
Major: K-8 Education
Todd Hart '82
Major: Business Economics
Terry Hart '83 and Amy Hart
Terry's Major: Business Economics

The Hart Family joined together to endow a scholarship to support Business Economic majors with financial need. They continue to support the Fund for Oneonta with over 35 continous years of annual gifts, and their “Powered by You” challenge gift. “Our reasons for giving share a common thread: we have a desire to give back to our college that has had such a positive impact on our lives.”

Capek Family

Nancy and Craig '72 Lesser

Craig's Major: Speech Communication

“On a recent visit to SUNY Oneonta, I learned firsthand how critical the Student Emergency Fund is to our students when they face an unexpected financial challenge. I wanted to help, and hope that this challenge gift can raise awareness and donors for this important resource” 

Capek Family

The Capek Family

Frank Capek ’82
Major: Mathematics
Tom Capek ’85
Major: Physics
George Capek ’86
Major: Mathematics
Rebecca Capek ’11
Major: Dietetics

“SUNY Oneonta has been transformational for our family. It shaped our lives. We are lucky to have has a supportive set of experiences, and we’ve been lucky to be successful in our lives and now have the capacity to give back. We were happy to make a Powered by You Challenge gift in support of the important Student Success Scholarship.” 

Capek Family

Jim and Carol '66, '71 Baker

Carol's Major: Education

"We share with you a new initiative, POWERED BY YOU, that will expand the athletic travel funds for all student athletes. We are very proud of our Red Dragon athletes, past and present, who strive for competitive excellence, academic excellence, and committed service. We hope this challenge sparks healthy competition among the teams and encourages our alumni to give back to the college that was instrumental to their lifetime successes!