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SUNY Oneonta Office of Alumni Engagement SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association Communications Policy

The role of the Office of Alumni Engagement is to ensure alumni only receive written or electronic communications containing information of relevance and interest.

All requests for communication with SUNY Oneonta alumni must be submitted in writing to the Director of the Office of Alumni Engagement. All efforts should be made to submit such requests at least twenty (20) days in advance of the date the communication is scheduled to be sent.

The request for information is then reviewed by the Director of Alumni Engagement and the Vice President of College Advancement. Only requests that clearly illustrate College-related activities or programs will be approved (e.g., event and service announcements, newsletters, survey, etc.). Requests that are already scheduled will take priority over other requests.

The following types of email requests will not be accepted:
• Fund-raising emails directly from departments or other units. These requests must go directly to the Director of the Fund for Oneonta and be consistent with SUNY Oneonta’s Fundraising and Solicitation Policy.
• Any solicitation of a commercial nature.
• Any solicitation of or email of a personal nature.

Please note that using or sharing information, mailing lists and/or biographic information for private, commercial or political purposes, for the purpose of creating an independent database or for a purpose other than that which is approved by College Advancement is strictly prohibited and will be considered a misappropriation of College property.

The Office of Alumni Engagement reserves the right to refuse any request because of a policy and/or procedural violation or volume.

Electronic Communications

• Emails are subject to editing and approval by the Office of Alumni Engagement for content, length, formatting, timing and frequency. The Recipient list will be generated by the Office of Alumni Engagement. No attachments (pdf, gif, jpg, word docs, etc.) will be included in the emails. The entire message should be less than 300 words.

• All email blasts will be sent by the Office of Alumni Engagement on behalf of the sender.

• The number of e-mail blasts sent out to audiences of 5,000+ alumni will be limited to no more than one per week across the entire university community.

Requests for Person-to-Person Contact
Many requests fall into this category, usually involving alumni wishing to contact a former classmate. In these instances staff members in the Office of Alumni Engagement will not release any personal information without consent of the individual. However, staff members can offer to contact the individual on the person’s behalf in order to make the connection.

PLEASE NOTE—Information subject to FERPA will be reviewed by the Registrar’s Office.

Updated April 2019