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Campus Resources for Engaging Alumni

This document provides a quick summary in the process and procedures used to partner with the Office of Alumni Engagement. We look forward to collaborating with you. Contact us to start a discussion about how we can assist you with alumni events, guest speakers, and more. For more information about the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association or the Office of Alumni Engagement, visit us on campus in Bacon Hall or online at You can also call (607) 436-2526, or email

Alumni Information and Updates

All employees, students, and affinity groups are encouraged to share with us positive news and updates regarding alumni. All public alumni news is shared in the Class Notes section of Reflections magazine. Alumni accomplishments and milestones are acknowledged by handwritten notes. Some news is also shared on social media.

The Division of College Advancement maintains and manages the alumni database. The Office of Alumni Engagement coordinates all written and electronic communication to alumni from all academic units, offices, and affinity groups. All alumni contact information is collected by a department, sports team, student club, or Greek organization should routinely be sent to the Office of Alumni Engagement.

Events, Mini-Reunions, and Requests for Speakers

Whether you’re planning a small class reunion, larger affinity reunion, or a huge event involving an alumni speaker, our office will help to identify venues, provide additional resources, review contracts, and promote the occasion to alumni.

The Office of Alumni Engagement will:

  • Promote the event on our website, on social media, and on campus
  • Share best practices in alumni event planning
  • Create online registration forms and attendee lists
  • Manage registration fees and coordinate payments (if necessary)
  • Potentially provide gifts for alumni guests and speakers
  • Review contracts with vendors
  • Suggest alumni as potential speakers
  • Send out invitations
  • Provide food and beverages as appropriate

You will be asked to:

  • Assist us with contacting key campus constituents to promote and plan the event
  • Personally reach out to alumni you are in contact with to encourage their attendance
  • Share any alumni contact information with us before invitations are sent
  • Provide our office with final attendee list and related information.

Hosting Alumni on Campus

Our highest priority is alumni guests! Please let us know about alumni visitors at least a week in advance.

The Office of Alumni Engagement will:

  • Provide a gift for the alumnus/a prior to his or her arrival
  • Advertise the visit (when appropriate) and send out invitations
  • Share the visit in Reflections and on social media
  • Provide photography for the event
  • May be able to arrange overnight accommodations and meals

You will be asked to:

  • Share information collected about the alumnus/a with the Office of Alumni Engagement
  • Thank the alumnus/a in person and in writing for his or her support