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Oneonta Future Alumni Network (OFAN).


The purpose of this organization is to assist the SUNY Oneonta Division of College Advancement in reaching its goals by facilitating an active relationship between students and alumni with a sense of pride, loyalty, and tradition. Members will help to develop and improve student programs on campus that will help to create a stronger sense of school identity. The Oneonta Future Alumni Network will also enhance the education of students and prepare them to serve as future alumni leaders and volunteers.

Membership and Eligibility 

  • Sophomores, juniors and seniors of approved Academic and Disciplinary standing and with a minimum 12 credit hours or more at the college, with a GPA of 2.5 shall be eligible for membership in this organization. 
  • Membership is selected through a nomination and application process conducted by the club advisors and professional staff of the Office of Alumni Engagement. 
  • Dismissals from the Oneonta Future Alumni Network are the responsibility of the Oneonta Future Alumni Network advisor(s) in consultation with all active members of OFAN. 
  • Behavior that violates the Student Code of Conduct may result in immediate revocation of membership.


  • Two consecutive unexcused absences are case for dismissal. This policy includes all OFAN activities (general meetings, events, Distinguished Alumni visits etc.). 
  • Attendance will be monitored by the Oneonta Future Alumni Network Advisor(s).


The Associate Director in the Office of Alumni Engagement and selected Alumnus/a of the College will conduct general meetings, plan and organize events, and manage the association. Oneonta Future Alumni Network Leadership Board The Leadership Board shall consist of the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Public Relations Chair, and Philanthropy Chair. Members of the Leadership Board shall work closely with the Advisors to ensure efficient goal-directed activity. In order to be considered for a leadership position, member must be able to commit to the full academic year term. Term length is one year and all members must take part in a nomination and application process. Membership may be extended for additional time if agreed upon by the majority of the group. Board members are expected to participate and work at all major events. A specific description of each office is listed below.

  • President: Serves as chief liaison to Advisors and members of the club; will execute, enforce, and carry out the charter; presides at all meetings and shall be responsible for the agenda; appoints committees; votes in case of a tie; and acts as the primary contact in the absence of the advisors.
  • Vice President: Takes above responsibilities of the President in his/her absence; schedules and coordinates participation in Oneonta Future Alumni Network’s events and programs; and acts as the liaison between the committees and the Executive Board.
  • Secretary: Maintains minutes and attendance of all meetings and events; distributes minutes to members and advisor; proofreads and edits all Oneonta Future Alumni Network documents; and keeps an up to date record of current members.
  • Public Relations: Responsible for all public relations of the OFAN. The Public Relations Chair is primarily responsible for publicizing OFAN events and sending Thank You notes to guests and speakers. Will work with social media specialist in Alumni Engagement office to promote events. Will develop and maintain strategic plan to educate members of the college community about OFAN.
  • Philanthropy Chair: The Philanthropy Chair of OFAN acts as the main student leader for the planning and implementation of Philanthropy events. Responsibilities also include, but are not limited to: contacting organizations and setting up volunteer sites, and generally helping in the mission to get students more involved in philanthropy (i.e. by providing information on various service activities or related opportunities, not limited to events OFAN is necessarily participating in).

General Meetings

Objectives for the OFAN meetings are: 

  • Receive information about upcoming programs, schedules, etc. 
  • Discuss new initiatives and ideas. Address any issues or concerns of the association. 
  • Sign up for upcoming events. 
  • Host a young alumnus/a or Office of Alumni Engagement guest speaker.


OFAN members are expected to: 

  • Attend and participate in general meetings. 
  • Attend all mandatory events which will be determined by the Advisors and Executive Board. 
  • Actively participate in the activities and events that are scheduled throughout the year. 
  • Fulfill committee requirements determined by the Executive Board. 
  • Remain educated and versed on all alumni programs and events. 
  • Dress appropriately for any OFAN events (red polo shirt/dress shirt and khakis). “Business Casual.” When meet alumni, OFAN members should dress a bit more formally. 
  • Will participate in office hours/events at a minimum of 10 hours per semester or at the discretion of the advisor(s).


Any active member, at any time, may propose an amendment to this charter. The procedure for proposed amendments is as follows: 

  • Amendments must be submitted to the Advisors and read by a member of the Executive Board at the next scheduled general meeting. 
  • Amendments will be discussed and voted upon at the following general meeting. 
  • All amendments must be ratified by a 2/3 vote of the active membership. 
  • Advisor may veto amendments according to the policies and procedures of the Office of Alumni Relations.

updated: October 2016