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Oneonta Future Alumni Network Leadership Board

The Leadership Board shall consist of the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Public Relations Chair, and Philanthropy Chair. Members of the Leadership Board shall work closely with the advisors to ensure efficient goal directed activity. Term length is one year and all members must take part in a nomination and application process. Board members are expected to participate and work at all major events. A specific description of each office is listed below:

President: Serves as chief liaison to advisors and members of the club; will execute, enforce, and carry out the charter; presides at all meetings and shall be responsible for the agenda; appoints committees; votes in case of a tie; and acts as the primary contact in the absence of the advisors.

Vice President: Takes above responsibilities of the President in his/her absence; schedules and coordinates participation in Oneonta Future Alumni Network’s events and programs; and acts as the liaison between the committees and the Executive Board.

Secretary: Maintains minutes and attendance of all meetings and events; distributes minutes to members and advisor; proofreads and edits all Oneonta Future Alumni Network documents; and keeps an up to date record of current members.

Public Relations: Responsible for all public relations of the O-FAN. The Public Relations Chair is primarily responsible for publicizing O-FAN events and sending Thank You notes to guests and speakers.

Philanthropy Chair: The Philanthropy Chair of O-FAN acts as the main student leader for the planning and implementation of Philanthropy Week. Responsibilities also include, but are not limited to: seeking out and promoting volunteering events organized by other campus groups, contacting organizations and setting up volunteer sites, and generally helping in the mission to get students more involved in philanthropy (i.e. by providing information on various service activities or related opportunities, not limited to events O-FAN is necessarily participating in).