Legacy Families

What is a SUNY Oneonta Legacy Family?

SUNY Oneonta takes great pride in the long-standing tradition it shares with generations of families who call SUNY Oneonta their Alma mater.  Legacy families are students and alumni whose family, including parents, grandparents and/or siblings, attended or currently attend SUNY Oneonta.  The Legacy Family Program recognizes families for their continued generational support and commitment to Oneonta.  Family connections have long been a part of the success of SUNY Oneonta and its students and it is through our alumni families that the heritage of the College passes from generation to generation.  

About the Legacy Family Program

As a SUNY Oneonta legacy, you are part of a special tradition here at SUNY Oneonta - one of more than 2,238 alumni with two or more generations of SUNY Oneonta students. The legacy program recognizes families for their continued generational support, and helps legacies stay connected through special programs and events. Highlights include Legacy Family Breakfast, Senior Week Send-off, and Alumni Weekend events.

Are You a SUNY Oneonta Legacy?

If you are a SUNY Oneonta, please email the Office of Alumni Engagement at alumni@oneonta.edu or call us at (607) 436-2526 to ensure that your family is included in this important program.