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Record Retention and Destruction Policy

To establish a policy governing the Retention and Destruction of records of the STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE AT ONEONTA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, INC. (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”).

It is the policy of the Association to have an ongoing, coordinated, administrative effort to manage our records from initial creation to final disposition systematically. Our records management program includes, but is not limited to: the legal disposition of obsolete records; the storage and management of inactive records no longer needed for the conduct of day-to-day business; correspondence and other records; and the provision for protecting vital records.

The Executive Director of the Association is designated as the RECORDS MANAGEMENT OFFICER of the Association. The duties of the records management officer shall include but need not be limited to the following:

1. Promulgating records retention and disposition policies and ensuring compliance by all staff;

2. Ensuring that the Association’s records are maintained and disposed of in compliance with this policy;

3. Ensuring that the Association identifies, protects, and preserves archival records;

4. Furnishing to the Association’s Board of Directors [hereinafter referred to as the “Board”] such reports as they may request regarding agency records and records management programs and practices;

5. Recommending and guiding the development and application of records management practices for the Association;

6. Coordinating the continuous disposition of obsolete records in accordance with records retention and disposition schedules;

7. Recommending to the Board suitable retention periods for any records not covered by records retention and disposition schedules;

8. Receiving requests that documents be preserved as evidence. In the event that a request for documents to be preserved is made, those documents must be identified, segregated, and preserved so that the documents are not destroyed pursuant to this document retention policy.

Additionally, the records management officer shall be responsible for:

1. Coordinating the storage and management of inactive records, those no longer needed for the conduct of the day-to-day business of the Association;

2. Reviewing and making recommendations on requests for records storage equipment;

3. Electronic duplication and storage of records.

Disposition of records:
No records shall be destroyed prior to the expiration of the retention period specified in an applicable records retention and disposition schedule or other plan authorized by the Association.

A printed record need not be retained if an electronic copy of that record has been retained and archived.

Records Damaged or Destroyed as a result of natural or manufactured disaster:
Whenever records are destroyed in whole or in part by fire or flood or as a result of any natural or manufactured disaster, the records management officer of the Association shall:

1. Notify the President of the Board of Directors, as soon as practicable, as to the nature, type, and quantity of the records damaged or destroyed and the circumstances surrounding their damage or destruction;

2. Take immediate steps to protect the damaged records from further deterioration; and

3. Initiate action, when appropriate, to retrieve, reassemble, and reconstruct the information contained in the damaged or destroyed records.

Adopted by the Board of Directors on January 23, 2010
Amended by the Board of Directors on January 22, 2022