Make a Gift. Change a Life.

The entire SUNY Oneonta community is concerned about the welfare of our students during this uncertain time. All students are facing unprecedented disruptions to their academic journeys as they transition to remote learning, and many will face financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis.

Many alumni and friends have reached out to ask how they can help. You can support SUNY Oneonta students experiencing hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic by contributing to one of the funding priorities described below. Now, more than ever, we need the Oneonta community to unite in support of these initiatives. Currently, we are in need of additional funding to assist every student facing these unprecedented challenges. Your contribution will provide students with emergency financial support, help them overcome barriers to academic success, and keep them on track for graduation.

Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund provides non-tuition grants for SUNY Oneonta students to help pay for urgent expenses triggered by unforeseen events that threaten their ability to stay in college. Unexpected emergencies can create a critical need for things such as rent, utilities, clothing, furniture, medical expenses, transportation, and replacement of stolen items needed for school. Students can apply for the necessary funding to pay for those emergency expenses above and beyond tuition so they are able to stay enrolled and focus on their studies.

If you are aware of a student who can benefit from this grant, they can apply by clicking here.

Student Success Scholarship Fund

The SUNY Oneonta Student Success Scholarship provides tuition assistance to full- or part-time undergraduate students who demonstrate a need for funding due to emergency or extenuating circumstances, like family or personal illness, financial struggles, and debt. By supporting this scholarship, you enable students to focus on their studies and complete their degrees despite facing unexpected obstacles.

Fund for Oneonta

The Fund for Oneonta provides flexible funding for a wide range of initiatives across campus including student life programs, admissions programs much more. The Fund for Oneonta enhances the college’s ability to build and expand academic programs and library resources, provide scholarships for students, and even assist in areas outside of the classroom. Continued support of the Fund is critical to maintaining the programs and services that are such a vital part of the SUNY Oneonta experience.